Tun Seashells

Tun Seashells
Family: Tonnidae. Around 20 species exist worldwide. These shells are thin and light, but strong. The snail is actually larger than the shell it lives in. Tun shells are deep tropical water-dwelling creatures that feed mainly on fish, crustaceans and sea urchins. Because their free-swimming larval life is quite lengthy they have been able to spread out over great distances. Interesting Facts: The name tun shell means cask shell or wine jar.

Large Spotted Tun This large, delicate Tun shell is beautifully spotted. Measures 3"-4" in size. $3.99 More information about this seashell item
Spotted Tun Seashells Tonna dolium. Found offshore in the Indo-Pacific region. Ribs vary in number. Measures approx 2.5"-3". Also great for Hermit Crabs, the hermit crab opening measures approx. 1.75" in diameter. $1.99 More information about this seashell item
Giant Tun Sea Shells Tonna Olearium. A large and thin sea shell, it features very swollen whorls with a height greater than its breadth. The color varies from a yellowish color to dark chestnut. Growth lines are prominent. Found off shore to 40 meters from the Caribbean to the Indo-Pacific region. Measures approx 7"+. $14.99 More information about this seashell item
Costate Tun Sea Shells Tonna allium. This seashell is common to Indo-Pacific region. Measures approx 1. 5" - 2". $0.49 More information about this seashell item
lg pink murex
Large Pink Murex 3"-4" Mexico and California. Lovely soft pink color. $2.49 More information about this seashell item
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