Triton Seashells

Triton Seashells
Family: Cymatiidae. This family includes some of the largest living gastropods. Most Tritons have a hairy outer covering (periostracum) that protects the shell. Tritons feed on other mollusks and starfish. They secrete a paralyzing fluid that renders their prey helpless, then they insert their mouthpart into the shell and eat the soft parts of the animal within. They dwell in tropical and warm waters and feature a thick and solid shell. Their egg capsules attach to rocks while their larvae may be free-swimming for up to three months. This accounts for the wide distribution of the family. Interesting Facts: The larger Tritons have been used as trumpets since ancient times. For thousands of years, statues and pictures have shown the mythological god Triton or Neptune blowing the Triton shell trumpets. Interestingly, the first nuclear submarine to sail completely around the world back in 1960 was named Triton. The Triton Trumpet (Charonia tritonis) is protected in Australia because it feeds on the coral-eating Crown of Thorns Starfish.

Noble triton.jpg
Noble Triton Sea Shells Charonia nobilis. Also known as the Atlantic trumpet triton. One of our most beautiful sea shells. This thick sea shell features a vibrant range of colors on the exterior from white to burgandy. The interior is an orangish-cream with brown stripes on the lip. Your choice of 3 sizes - See the drop down menu above! $14.99 More information about this seashell item
Hairy Triton Sea Shells Cymatium pileare. This is one of the most colorful shells in the triton family! The periostracum is hairy. This seashell is common to shallow waters in the Western Atlantic and Indo-Pacific regions. Measures approx 3"-4". $1.99 More information about this seashell item
Perry's Triton Sea Shells Cymatium perryi. Found off the shores of Southern India. Measures approx 4". $4.49 More information about this seashell item
Atlantic Distorcio Sea Shells This sea shell is This seashell features small pointed nodules and thin spiral ridges. It is generally yellowish to a deep hazel in color. Measures approx 1.5".

Seashell Classification:
  • Latin Name: distorsio Reticulata
  • Family: Cymatiidae
  • Habitat: Found on soft bottoms of the infralittoral and circalittoral zone
  • Province: From North Carolina to Texas and South through the Caribbean and Brazil
  • $0.49 More information about this seashell item
    Maple Leaf Triton Sea Shells Gyrineum perca. This seashell is common to deep waters of Southern Japan to Australia. Also known as the Winged Frog sea shell. Measures approx 1". $0.39 More information about this seashell item
    Large strombus goliath
    Large Strombus goliath 10" up This shell is native to certain areas of South America. It is the largest member of the conch (strombus) family. It truly is a goliath and would be a prized addition for any shell collector. Size 10" up. $160.00 More information about this seashell item
    PAC Triton.JPG
    Pacific Triton 12"-13" Charonia tritonis, or Triton's Trumpet is the largest and most desirable of the family Ranellidae, native to the South Pacific. This is one of the few animals that feeds on the Crown of Thorns Starfish. This starfish is capable of destroying large areas of a coral reef. $190.00 More information about this seashell item
    Large Pearled Turbo Marmoratus 5" - 6" This is the very large size of this beautiful seashell. Beautifully pearled! They measure approximately 5" - 6" $129.00 More information about this seashell item
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