Personalized Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments

We think you will LOVE these hand painted AND personalized Christmas ornaments! There are so many styles to choose from. Which one fits you best???????

Baby Boy Bum Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Who cares about wearing a diaper when you're having this much fun?! Adorable baseball capped baby boy plays in the sand, flaunting his slightly sunburned bum. Clouds sparkle with glitter above a shimmery blue ocean. Textured sand. Blanket is perfect for personalizing a special boy's name and/or birthdate. Twin sister, Baby Girl Bum, also available.

$21.95 XID-BabyBoyBum
Personalization Instructions:
Baby Girl Bum Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Precious baby girl enjoying her day in the sun. Feelin' fancy free with her slightly sunburned bum au naturel! Glittered clouds sparkle above a shimmery blue ocean. Textured sand. A darling gift for a special girl with personalization of child's name and/or birthdate. Twin brother, Baby Boy Bum, also available.

$21.95 XID-BabyGirlBum
Personalization Instructions:
Bare Beach Clothed Personalized Christmas Ornaments

This romantic couple looks dreamily out over the ocean - we can only imagine what they're thinking! Makes a wonderful anniversary, wedding or vacation momento with free personalization (names, dates, etc.). Textured sand, heavily glittered sky.

$21.95 XID-BareBeachClothed
Personalization Instructions:
Beach Bums Personalized Christmas Ornaments

These colorful ladies are delightful as they spread their blanket in preparation for a day of frolicking on the beach. The blue rinse hairdo sparkles with glitter. Great to give to a special girlfriend or sister with both your names personalized.

$21.95 XID-BeachBums
Personalization Instructions:
Beach Wedding Personalized Christmas Ornaments

For the bride and groom who love the beach! Personalize with thier names on each chair and/or add their wedding date below. Also makes a special wedding favor..

$21.95 XID-BeachWedding
Personalization Instructions:
Butterfly Christmas Ornaments

Flutter by, butterfly! Sparkly, shimmery and glittery... this beauty is simply dazzling. 3 dimensional effects add to realistic look.

$21.95 XID-Butterfly
Clownfish Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Vivid orange and white stripes are accented with bold black lines. Fluttery eyelashes give her a flirty feel. Glittered seaweed. Why not personalize this one for someone who enjoys clowning around!

$21.95 XID-Clownfish
Personalization Instructions:
Dolphin Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Set against sparkling clouds, a colorful sunset and shimmering blue water wtih glittered peaks, this dolphin leaps ever so gracefully through the air. Everyone loves dolphins!

$21.95 XID-Dolphin
Personalization Instructions:
Flamingo Flo Personalized Christmas Ornaments

This girl's got it going on! Shaking her tail feathers (which are embellished in the hottest pink glitter), she's sassy, flashy, but never trashy! She's looking fine in her raised pearl necklace and painted toenails. Just the right gift for the flashy people in your life!

$21.95 XID-FlamingoFlo
Personalization Instructions:
Flip Flops Personalized Christmas Ornaments

What says summer more than a pair of colorful flip flops?! These are the sassiest ones around, embellished with mini pom pom puffs..

$21.95 XID-FlipFlops
Personalization Instructions:
Gator Personalized Christmas Ornaments

What could be better than chillin' on the beach with a refreshing gator-ade in hand?! Our ever so suave gator is embellished with 3D teeth. Textured/lightly glittered sand, dimensional sun, drink umbrella and straw.

$21.95 XID-Gator
Personalization Instructions:
Hibiscus Personalized Christmas Ornaments

The hibiscus conjures up images of steamy tropical days in paradise. This stunning flower is painted in the brightest, hottest red. Great gift for a gardener.

$21.95 XID-Hibiscus
Personalization Instructions:
Let It Snow Personalized Christmas Ornaments

As his sign reads, Let it Snow! it is his biggest wish as his body melts from the blazing sun. A day at the beach sounded like a great plan, but now he's not so sure! Glittered white body resembles real snow. Textured sand. A great holiday gift for anyone!

$21.95 XID-LetItSnow
Personalization Instructions:
Lobster Personalized Christmas Ornaments

This kooky guy is delighted with his found treasures of the sea. Adorned with raised pearls and gemstone necklace, glittered seaweed and textured/lightly glittered sand.

$21.95 XID-Lobster
Personalization Instructions:
Manatee Christmas Ornaments

This gentle creature glides ever so slowly through the water and glittered seaweed.

$21.95 XID-Manatee
Margarita Christmas Ornaments

Whether with or without salt, on the rocks or froze, this concoction always pleases the palate! We prefer ours with textured, glitteres salt and a wedge of lime! Cheers!

$21.95 XID-Margarita
Martini Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Forget buying someone a drink when you can give them one that will last for years! Great way to tell someone they've done a great job! This whimsical depiction of today's ultra hip drink is oh so festive!

$21.95 XID-Martini
Personalization Instructions:
Mermaid Christmas Ornaments

This elegant beauty is the epitome of grace as she sits poised atop a large clam shell while holding a 3 dimensional pearl in her hand. Long blond hair is dazzling with a glittered overlay.

$21.95 XID-Mermaid
Oyster Personalized Christmas Ornaments

We fondly call this beauty Pearl. Pearlescent pink in color, flirty eyelashes, glamour lips, and raised pearl necklace. Can't afford to buy her real pearls? Our Pearl will do in a pinch!

$21.95 XID-Oyster
Personalization Instructions:
Palmetto Personalized Christmas Ornaments (Traditional)

This full, lush tree comes to life with varying shades of vibrant greens. It is the state tree of South Carolina. Embellished with a sparking gold ribbon. Simply elegant.

$21.95 XID-PalmettoTraditional
Personalization Instructions:
Pink Palm Christmas Ornaments

This lush palm is painted in several shades of the hottest pink around. Pink Flamingo stands proudly at base of tree. Tres Tropical!

$21.95 XID-PinkPalm
Pirate Christmas Ornaments

Ahoy! This gruff looking guy sports a scruffy, lightly glittered and 3 dimensional beard, eye patch and gold earring. Arrr!

$21.95 XID-Pirate
Puffer Fish Christmas Ornaments

This hot pink puffed up fish with the quirky, frazzled looking eyes (actually rhinestones) has loads of personality and spunk! Truly a multi-purpose ornament as a gift for anyone going through a stressful time, a pleasantly plump pregnant friend, that special gal pal who is a little quirky herself, or anyone who thinks he is just so darn cute!

$21.95 XID-Puffer
Rudy Reindeer Ornaments

Delightful as can be, Rudy will light up anyone's face. Could be due to his red rhinestoned nose! Only for those who still believe in Santa or pretend too!Please Note: Due to different monitor resolutions finishes viewed on your computer may vary from slightly from actual shown.Personalization is free and ornament arrives cushioned in tissue paper in a 4 x 4 gift box which includes a description card insert. Also comes with a free brass ornament stand. Ornament measures 3 1/4 and brass stand measures approx. 5. Please enter personalization exactly how you would like it to read on the ornament.Please allow up to 5-7 business days for personalization.

$21.95 XID-RudyReindeer
Sail Away Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Sailing the ocean blue at sunset. Finding a deserted island to call your own for the day. What more could an adventurous person ask for? Perfect for the wanderlust in all of us!

$21.95 XID-SailAway
Personalization Instructions:
Sand Pail Christmas Ornaments

Nothing says a day in the sun like a shovel and pail full of sand! Personalize with the name of your favorite beach destination or vacation memory!

$21.95 XID-Sand
Seahorse Personalized Christmas Ornaments

A mesmerizing sight to watch as she serenely glides through the seaweed, her scintillating glittered hair trailing behind.

$21.95 XID-Seahorse
Personalization Instructions:
Shark Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Trying to appear as ferocious as he can, this shark bares his large glittered teeth and gives his tough guy look. Brilliant green glittered seaweed.

$21.95 XID-Shark
Personalization Instructions:
She Crab Personalized Christmas Ornaments

This whimsical, not at all crabby, female flutters her flirty eyelashes while prancing along a textured sandy beach. Sure to illicit a smile and make you think twice before ordering that next bowl of she-crab soup!

$21.95 XID-SheCrab
Personalization Instructions:
Surfer Dude Christmas Ornaments

Awesome waves, dude! This hunky guy is happy as can be as he catches a big wave!

$21.95 XID-Surfer
Wedding Bells Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Elegant, softly glittered. Great Personalized with bride and groom's name and/or wedding date..

$21.95 XID-WeddingBells
Personalization Instructions:
Woodie Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Got Woodie? Got Surfboard? Need Waves! Perfect for the avid surfer..

$21.95 XID-Woodie
Personalization Instructions:

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Personalized Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments

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