Limpet Seashells

Limpets Seashells
Family: Patellidae, Acmaeidae, Fissurellidae. There are around 35 known species worldwide. The limpet is a small, cone-shaped animal that resembles a little hat. This family of mostly shore-rock dwellers is all vegetarian. Limpets are found in great numbers on rocks throughout the world. The shell's shape will vary depending on the creature's habitat. The limpet makes its home by rubbing a shallow hole into a rock with its hard shell and acidic secretions. This hole is called a scar, and these scars in turn cover some rocks by the thousands. The limpet fits in its scar so well that it is protected from rainfall, the sun's radiation and even strong ocean currents. They wander the rocks at night, but return to their original area each dawn. The animal has developed chemoreceptors for following its own distinctive mucous track back to the correct scar. Interesting Facts: Many limpets can be consumed and their shells used for jewelry.

Black Limpet - Pearlized Seashells Cellana exarata. A convex sea shell with numerous black radial ribs. Interior is silvery-grey. This seashell is common to the Hawaiian Islands. The exterior of the sea shell has been polished to reveal the irridesent colors. Measures approx 1. 5". $0.99 More information about this seashell item
Star Limpet Seashells Measures approx 1". $0.19 More information about this seashell item
Small Bag Ring Top Cowries These seashells average around 150+ pcs per pkg. The pkg measures 3"x3". Shell size. is approximately one half inch. Great for craft work at an inexpensive price! $1.99 More information about this seashell item
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