Helmet Seashells

Helmet Seashells
Family: Cassidae. The Helmet family includes bonnets, false tuns, and true helmets. They number around 60 species worldwide. The larger Helmets feed on members of the sea urchin family. The helmet creature uses its radular teeth and acidic secretions to drill a hole into the shell of the urchin and digest the soft parts within. They live in shallow waters, with most of the shell buried below the surface of the sand. The larger helmets build a shield to help them glide along the sandy sea bottom. Interesting Facts: Helmet shells have been used since the Roman Empire for everything from food to cooking pots, trumpets, and jewelry. Most cameos are made from the Bullmouth helmet shell Cypraecassis rufa. This shell which is native to East Africa is shipped to Italy for carving into cameos. Julius Caesar presented Cleopatra with a cameo shell as a sign of his affection for the Egyptian Queen.

Large Yellow Helmet 10"-11" This rare and beautiful shell - Cassis cornuta hails from the tropical waters of the South Pacific. With it's impressive size it would delight any collector. $45.00 More information about this seashell item
King Helmet Sea Shells Cassis tuberosa. The upper surface of this sea shell is reticulate. The exterior color is cream to white with some brown markings. This seashell is common from the Carolinas to Brazil. This seashell is found in shallow waters. Measures approx. 4. 5"-6". $14.99 More information about this seashell item
Princess Helmet sea shells Similar to the King Helmet, this sea shell is more rounded with more numerous and smaller shoulder tubercles. The aperture is black. This seashell is common to Florida and the Caribbean to depths of 30 meters. Also known as Clench's helmet or the Queen Helmet. It digs into the sand to hunt and feed on other echinoderms. Measures approx 3"-5".

Seashell Classification:
  • Latin Name: cassis Madagascariensis
  • Family: Cassidae
  • Habitat: Found on sandy bottoms of the infralittoral zone.
  • Province: Caribbean and Carolinian Provinces.
  • $9.99 More information about this seashell item
    Cameo Shells 5"-6" Cypraecassis rufa. Also known as the Red Helmet, the thick sea shell is popular for use as a base for cameo carvings. It has large blunt tubercles and rows of spirally arranged tubercles. The aperture is narrow and the outer lip is broad. The exterior color is reddish brown with some paler areas. This seashell is common to Indo-Pacific with the exception of India and Hawaii. Found near coral reefs. Measures approx. 5"-6". $14.95 More information about this seashell item
    Yellow Helmet Sea Shells This beautiful Yellow Helmet Shell measures an impressive 7 to 9 inches. It is in the Cassidae Family and commonly habitate in the upper levels of the infralittoral zone. Add this Yellow Helmet shell to your sea shell collection and it is sure to be a great conversational piece in your collection. $34.95 More information about this seashell item
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