Harp Seashells

Harp Seashells
Family: Harpidae. Considered to be one of the most handsome shells, Harp Shells feature a variegated pattern of pinks and purplish reds on a shiny globose shell. The raised axial ribs are suggestive of the strings of a harp, giving the group its name. Interesting Facts: These creatures have the ability to detach a small part of their foot. This sacrifice was thought to be a defense mechanism until one day a harp shell was observed being pursued by a box crab. The harp detached a small piece of the posterior end of its foot and the crab began to consume it. The Harp shell then circled around behind the crab and engulfed it in a thick coating of mucus and sand. The shell then began to consume the crab, turning the predator into the prey.

David's Harp Sea Shells Harpa davidis. Also known as the Madras Harp. This seashell is common to Andaman Sea and the Maldives. Measures approx 2"-3". $1.99 More information about this seashell item
Harpa major Large This harp seashell has beautiful and intricate markings. The size is extra large at 4" $4.99 More information about this seashell item
Large Tapestry Turban Averaging 2.5" to 3" this seashell is a true beauty. A bright finish further enhances it's luster. Turbo petholatus $2.99 More information about this seashell item
Tibia fusus.jpg
Tibia fusus An unusual and delicate sea shell this tibia has the rather unromantic common name of shinbone tibia. Native to the South Pacific. Size 6" to 8" $12.00 More information about this seashell item
Sundial This seashell has beautiful and interesting markings. Architectonica perspectiva size 1.25"-1.5" $0.99 More information about this seashell item
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