Auger Seashells

Auger Seashells
Family: Terebridae. These long, slender and smooth shells feature many whorls and color variations. Augers are carnivores and dwell in the sands of warm waters. There are 270 species in this family. Some Auger shells have barbed radular teeth and secrete a mild poison to subdue their prey. Once paralyzed, their victim is consumed whole. Their most deadly enemy is the sand-dwelling box crab. These crab uses their pincers to clip back the thick lip of the shell to get at the soft animal's insides. Interesting Facts: On many islands, augers were attached to sticks for weapons and many are still used as darts for blow guns

Marlinspike Seashells Terebra maculata. This spiked shaped sea shells features apical whorls with axial ornament. This seashell is common to the Indo-Pacific region. Found buried in sand in shallow waters. 5-7" $4.99 More information about this seashell item
White Auger Shells This spiked shaped shell is white with golden brown spots. Ridges in the shell create a rough but smooth looking surface. Measures approx 2.5"L. $0.99 More information about this seashell item
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