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Astounding, mysterious, the last unexplored terrain on earth. The ocean; a treasure trove of sea creatures, infinite and varied in their forms. Here at, we've chosen from among the most marvelous shells of these creatures to create a striking beautiful and varied collection. Browsing through the Seashell World site is like perusing an art gallery of the ocean, where you decide which natural works of art catch your fancy. So dive in and start surfing!  Our seashells are listed by family classification and then by common family name but you may also search by scientific or Latin name or description and habitat.

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From our Seashell Article Gallery
What Are Seashells?
A shell is the most universally identifiable part of a creature known as a mollusk. Mollusks are invertebrate animals (think of a snail) with an unsegmented, basically symmetrical body, generally consisting of head, foot, visceral hump and... Read the rest of the article....

Top 10 Beginning Collector Shells
1. Conch Shell - The conch is the common name applied to many species of mollusks. Most conchs live in colonies and are found in sand and grassy areas. They are sometimes called the sea cows of the shell world because they are herbivores, grazing on the algae and sea grass.  Read the rest of the article....

How are Shells Named?
Shells are named using Systema Natuae which was developed by Swedish naturalist Karl Linne.  This system gives each species a two part Latinized name consisting of genus and species. A genus name is like a persons surname. It appears first and is always capitalized. The species name is like a persons first name and is never capitalized. Following the Latin binomial comes....  Read the rest of the article...

Classification of Mollusks
All mollusks have soft bodies. In fact, Mollis is Latin and Malakos is Greek for soft. The study of mollusks is known as Malacology. Most mollusks develop hard shells to protect them from their hostile environment. Their fleshy mantle secretes a shell in generally a single or pair of valves. Based on their shell type, scientists and educators engaged in Malacology have classified mollusks into six classes:  Read the rest of the article...

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